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Process and Waste Stream

Test Facilities

Mixture (Slurries and Pastes) Tests

It is of the utmost importance to determine the composition of the mixture (by-products, waste stream, waste water or agricultural water resources) before any decisions can be made on the process necessary to transform and valorize it. Sinowatek therefore advice the client on what samples and tests will be required. They also manage the whole sampling and testing procedure. Sinowatek do not have in-house facilities to execute the testing process, but they partnered with superior performance laboratories to analyze the slurries and pastes.

Disinfected Liquid Tests

The treated and disinfected liquid will also be tested in partnered laboratories before commencing with the process.

Separation and Treatment Technology

For the partnered technology such as the Fournier Rotary de-watering Press sludge samples can be send to their laboratory where they can determine the characteristics of the samples to be in a position to anticipate the performance of the Rotary Press, based on previous results in the same operation field.

+27 83 271 1808 | + 27 83 276 7922