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Food and Beverages

Every year, 1.6 billion tons of food, one-third of the total amount of food produced globally, are lost or go to waste while nearly 10% of the world’s population go hungry. This mismanagement of resources is developing into a serious global problem, hence the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals setting a target of halving food loss and waste by 2030. Changing the food and beverage system to one based on the principles of the circular economy is one of the most powerful things we can do to fight this problem.  

The food system can be fundamentally redesigned by reconnecting communities with local food production and changing the way we grow food, design food products, and handle by-products and waste.

Sinowatek can help to change the food and beverage's manufacturing systems by using the progressive Pulse Combustion Drying (PCD) technology to transform food products, food by-products and waste streams into powder while keeping the major quality parameters of these products almost completely intact. By transforming the products in such a way, businesses are in a position to create new value-added products and closing the circular economy loop.

We evaluate each client's challenge individually by using the Sinowatek Fundamental Process Template to design a "fit for purpose" process to ensure the solution is specific and practical.

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+27 83 271 1808 | + 27 83 276 7922