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Attributes and Advantages of PCD

Extremely short drying time (30-50 ms)

  1. The drying time depends on the rates at which heat and moisture are transferred to and from the wet material, respectively. Since pulsation of flue gases tends to increase these rates of heat and mass (moisture) transfer, the application of pulse combustion in drying increases the productivity of such dryers by decreasing the required residence time in a drying chamber and thus allowing for more material to be dried in a given time.
  2. The higher heat- and mass (moisture) transfer rates cause a larger fraction of input energy to be transferred to the wet particles from flue gases. This translate into lower fuel consumption.

High thermal efficiency

  1. Sufficient energy is absorbed by the evaporating water allowing very little increase in the temperature of the solids. The extremely short time the solids are exposed to the heat source ensure that the characteristics of the solids are preserved.
  2. PCD is effective for the drying of all types of materials (Granules, powders, non-cohesive filter cakes, cohesive filter cakes, hard pastes, sludge, high-viscosity pastes and low viscosity pastes). The feed material can have a very high percentage of solids.

Environmentally friendly

  1. The use of no sulphur-containing fuels such as propane or natural gas and the rapid combustion ensure extremely low nitrogen oxide (NOx) and CO emissions. This is especially advantageous in drying foods and bio-products.
  2. Small physical plant footprint because no heat exchangers are required. c) Lower air volumes discharged to the admosphere than conventional dryers

Energy Efficient

  1. Pulse Combustion Dryers require less air than conventional dryers which results in smaller drying chambers and less electrical output for fans. 20-30% lower running costs than spray driers

Low maintenance costs

  1. No high pressure pumps or high rotating equipment only a low pressure system ensures low maintenance. b) The atomization nozzle is so large — essentially, it’s an open pipe — abrasive and corrosive materials cause little harm.The parts in the atomizing process therefore requires little maintenance.
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