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Benefits of choosing Sinowatek

We bring unique and innovative solutions for the environmental challenges experienced by our clients. Our solutions are practical and specific to every client’s needs.

As an agile company, we are willing and capable of disrupting the status quo to benefit our clients and our planet, always having sustainability and the environment in mind.

We have the capacity to implement our technologies on an industrial scale but will never say no to small applications thereof. We assist all our clients in their strive to sustainability and improved environmental and economic performance.

We are invested in you and your success and will go above and beyond to understand your challenges and find solutions to fit your unique circumstances.

Our purpose is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)


At Sinowatek we apply our comprehensive engineering, business and management skills to enable businesses in the agricultural and agro-processing industries to change to more sustainable production practices. We carefully select and integrate the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to create and implement “fit for purpose” processes which improve the environmental and economic performance of these businesses.

We have a thorough understanding of the technical scope of our technologies. This enables us to adapt and utilize the technologies and equipment, individually or integrated, to provide the best solution to our clients’ specific challenges.

Are you in the agricultural or agro-processing industries and facing some of the following challenges while pursuing an environmentally sustainable circular economy?

  • You want to move beyond environmental lighthouse projects towards more sustainable circular economies.

  • You want to improve your livestock and crop operations to increase sustainability and economic performance.

  • You are following a production pattern burdened with waste stream costs.

  • Your company aspires to replenish the water resources used in production with clean water.

  • As a manufacturer, you aim to re-apply by-products intended for waste to create new, profitable businesses.

  • You want to switch from a take-make-waste linear manufacturing model to a circular economy model.

  • Your briefing from management is to align production patterns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

If so, we can help you. Challenges like these spark our passion for inventing and implementing processes that follow circular economy practices.

We deliver this passion by using the Sinowatek Fundamental Process Template to design a fit for purpose solution for every client to meet their unique circular economy challenges.